Who/What is one of the Tezos delegate services with servers located in Italy. We bake (Tezos Proof-of-Stake) your delegated on our secure and stable server infrastructure.


You will receive 93.5% of the baking reward.

Let us bake your Tezos. Delegate your xtz to:


Why us

  • You will receive 93.5% of the baking reward.
  • Automated payout after every cycle
  • Secure servers based in Italy
  • Low power consuption
  • Running on renewable energies:
  • Risk-free delegation Your tokens never leave your wallet.
  • No sign-up is required.

How work

We are posting your security deposit for you, so you are baking with your entire balance. Rewards Pauout Schedule
  • Cycle 1 - You delegate to tz1UdeKoMJivgqRgRUNzroMwRJYmJY8BtaWe
  • Cycle 8 - The Tezos Blockchain assigns your delegation rights to us.
  • Cycle 14 - Rewards from cycle 8 unfrozen and received.
  • Cycle 15 - (at latest) - You are getting paid!

FAQ (for info:

  • What is the minimum we accept for delegation?
  • Minimum is 1 xtz, we will send the profits when their accumulation is greater than 1
  • Over Delegation?
  • If we become over-delegated, we will apply the first-come first-serve principle.
  • Why delegate?
  • Baking is technically complicated as it requires nearly 100% uptime and specific software and hardware. It requires maintenance and security considerations.
  • Is this safe?
  • Yes. Your Tezzies don't even leave your wallet. It is not possible for us to lose your Tezzies via baking.